AI quad camera phones in pakistan

ai quad camera phones in pakistan


AI systems are designed to reduce human work and AI cameras are based on the same concept.It improves the camera setting and image processing given in the phone. A normal camera captures still or moving moments whereas an AI camera turns those moments into reality .

The AI Quad camera phones use artificial intelligence which not just enhances the image quality but automatically adjusts the camera in accordance with the situation.The AI uses better algorithms and merges unexposed frames by enabling us to click highly detailed photos.

The normal camera is a camera with low-end features while an AI camera contains a lot of features.Today’s phones have 12 MP, 16 MP, 20 MP or 24 MP inbuilt cameras in them but still, photos of some phones are better than another phones.The main reason behind this is that AI-powered camera boosts camera setting and image processing so that each camera has a better photo click .

AI Quad camera vs Normal Quad camera features:

  •  Portrait mode:

This feature ranges from budget smartphones to top smartphones and is the most essential feature of mobile phone camera.In a AI Quad camera phone you can click a photo in portrait mode with a single AI-powered camera .The foreground and a background of the image are also processed .A normal camera gets your work done but it requires at least two cameras to match the accuracy of AI.

  • Auto colour adjustment in AI Camera:

In  your phone, you can install a lot of applications like a beauty app, photo brightness app and click different types of photos still,you don’t find the best brightness, exposure, contrast and other natural colour combinations due to which your photo will be very bright or have more exposure.

But if your phone has an AI-powered camera then the camera will do colour adjustment according to the automatic orientation or show a suggestion about its relaxed settings, so that you can click a natural & better image.


The Gonex  mobile phones is a quality brand that offers its users affordability, reliability and AI Quad Camera phones in Pakistan. It has a range of stylish yet advanced Big LCD mobile phones which provide affordable touch screens, QWERTY, WiFi and Android OS .

These company looks forward to come up mobiles which are extremely affordable for their customers and features in prices.Their vision is to establish a sustainable relationship with their customers

List of top 6 AI Quad Camera Phones in Pakistan

nex 5

Nex 5 mobile phone

  • Nex 5 meets the 6.6 inch cinematic wide display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and the screen-to-body ratio of 89.98% allow you to enjoy a full view without boundaries.

  • Its 3 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM allows you to store more app & have them run smoothly.



Pace 2  mobile phone 

  • has a 6.6 inch screen with a screen resolution of  19.5: 9 ratio and works on the operating system android 8.1
  • having a 13 MP back CAM with 8 MP front CAM
    16 GB flash ROM & 2 GB RAM
  • It is totally affordable
pace 2 pro

Pace 2 Pro

  • 6.6″ eye-catching screen
  • 13MP back CAM with 8MP front CAM
  • 32GB flash ROM & 3GB RAM


  • 6.6″ eye-catching screen
  • 16MP back CAM with 13MP front CAM
  • 64GB flash ROM & 4GB RAM


  • 6.6″ eye-catching screen
  • 24MP back CAM with 13MP front CAM
  • 64GB flash ROM & 4GB RAM


  • 6.6″ eye-catching screen
  • 48MP back CAM with 16MP front CAM
  • 128GB flash ROM & 6GB RAM